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Current state of cyber criminality

May 23, 2019

Nowadays cyber criminality consists of a big problem all around the world. That phenomenon has become so ubiquitous that Senegal is not an exception. Now adults, youngsters even the children are hooked on their smartphone, which...

The story for Learning english

April 24, 2019

Let's talk about manias. Let's start with Beatlemania. Hysterical teenagers, crying, screaming, pandemonium. Sports mania: deafening crowds, all for one idea -- get the ball in the net. (Recording) Goal! Okay, religious mania:...


April 24, 2019

nowodays,education is very important in the word esceptionaly in our country who is very poor.that't the reason why we sensibilise people to educate their childrens.our parents who was not educate have always a regret because...

Rural Exodus

April 15, 2019

In senegal,many young people live in  misery because of underdeveloppement .Many of them practice the rural exodus to live in a good condition .This situation becomes more and more frequent in our country known as senegal .The...

Maulud ‘Gamou’

Maulud ‘Gamou’

December 12, 2018


ngone seck, learner

December 12, 2018

we talk about underdevelopment when a country or an area is not wealthy enough to satisfy the needs of is a well know fact that in Africa many people are starving and dying from thirst and illnesses . Infact it is a...

My classmate Coumba

Ngone Seck

November 28, 2018

In my classeroom there was one student whose name is coumba. She used to be a good student at the begining but now she has changed. Everybody appreciated her to say the teacher, the classmates and even the parents . Now she has...

Bad education

Fatou Dieng, Mbenne Ndiaye, and Coumba Diagne

September 12, 2018

Causes In Gueoul, the education is very bad. We must study to serve something in society, but due to the indiscipline of the students and the teachers' strikes it will not possible. In Gueoul, we see parents who give their daug...

Opinion section coming soon.

June 22, 2018

Opinion section coming soon

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