ngone seck, learner

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we talk about underdevelopment when a country or an area is not wealthy enough to satisfy the needs of people.it is a well know fact that in Africa many people are starving and dying from thirst and illnesses . Infact it is a phenomenon which is increasing dangerousely.There for in the following lines we are GOING to talk about its causes and then propose solutions
the causes of underdevelopment are numerous for example we have causes such as:slavery; wars; lack of unity between Africans ; bad leadship reliance; injustice; Ethenicity;. it is a well known fact that the enemies of Africans are them selves because there are civil wars, our leaders embezzle the economy of their country. there are also problems related to education and health issues, hunger, suffering . drought
so if we want to fight againts underdevelopment we have to find solutions such as :justice for all, respect,love between the Africans; tolerence.
Another solutions can be the creation of many factories and other places of work to permit the youth to decrease jobless.