Maulud ‘Gamou’

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Maulud ‘Gamou’

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  1. Here in Senegal,we tend to celebrate the ”Maulud” which is the birth of th Prophet Muhammad (PSL). All the great houses of this country are celebrating it, but the most popular are: Gueoul, Tivaoune, Kaolack, Ndiassane, and other regions.

A week before,  people from Gueoul go out to clean the latter. Especially here at home ‘keur Cheikhna’, we have a big  space for our religious events.

The ‘talibes’ have cleaned up and also other people who were helping them for the cleaning operation of this holy city.

All the houses and districts were already cleaned four days before. Only the arrival of the guests remained and which is increasing each year.

When we talk  about ”Maulud”,all Muslims must celebrate it, because it is not a simple event.

The ”Tidianes” left for  Tivaoune and the ”Khadres” stayed in Gueoul and others who come from all nationalities. In less than two days everything was already in place and the guests began to come little. In front of each house we could see oxen and we also sent bags of rice, vegetables, fruit, and all that is needed for the guests.

On Maulud’s day, everyone awoke early to get to work. First in the morning we had breakfast and then we prapared to go to do ”ziar” at the cemetery and the ”Cherif’s house. And finally we were preparing to go to the big ceremony of the night which was finished at 6 o’clock in the morning as every year.

Even if it is the night of the Prophet, it doesn’t prevent it from being incredible, unforgettable like every year.