Forced marriage

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In my society women and young girls suffer a lot in their families.In fact they face on many kind of problems in their dairly lives.A part from forced marriage there are also several other difficulties such as mistreat,rape,domestic,chores,marital violence…

All these are phenomenons that their future.For instance every day,we hear from newsreel,on tv,on radio or read on newpaper cases of  young girls or women raped,mistreate beaten in their own families.Add to these young girls face on other issues from their mother’s cowives who mostly because of jealousy may even bewitch thema make then working all day long to solve these problems,girls should be educate a whole nation ,for educate a girl,people should be sentized about the important of the geneder female and the gouvernment should forbid working children and punish harhly crimes towads young girls and women.