Magal of Touba

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TOUBA’s MAGAL is a public holiday in Senegal. it falls on the eighteenth day moth of Safara , and the date varies year to year on Gregorian calendar. This event is  created by Ahmadu Babma Ba in 1887 after  seing Gabriel. For the preparation everyone has an only  vision which is to go to TOUBA. Cheikh Bethio bought many animals to distributed to homes by homes and the anthers chefs bought animals too, they killed them to honor Bamba’s event . In the day the followers of Bamba visit the  large mosque in TOUBA in which Bamba is buried to remember his exile and to pay their respect to him and pray for Bamba’s family . In Senegal  everyone respect this date. in the day people visit the chef of the  followers for getting some prayers  at 5 p.m. There is the president and some other members of the government . There is security at the mosque, in the street, at the Residence and there are also some body guards next to the religious chefs. At the night there are tents in every district, in each tent there are persons who recite  Bamba’s poems. It’s very nice this day . I smell good, I take photos, I eat meat , and see different peoples.