Bad education

Fatou Dieng, Mbenne Ndiaye, and Coumba Diagne

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In Gueoul, the education is very bad. We must study to serve something in society, but due to the indiscipline of the students and the teachers’ strikes it will not possible. In Gueoul, we see parents who give their daughter vey early to marriage. Any day, in the field of education, teachers’ strikes can be a principal cause of bad education. For example, in the school year 2017/2018 of Gueoul College, everyone noticed that the exam results were not good. On the other side, some of the students also refused to attend some classes of teachers who did not strike.


Because of the teachers’ strikes and the indiscipline of the students, the results of the white BFEM exam were not good. And for the grand BFEM, the college was the last in the department. Add the fact that many girls leave the school very early to get married, and girls have many difficult situations in their household.


To eradicate this phenomenon, the state must pay teachers enough and respect the demands signed with them, otherwise they will continue their strike. Thus the student will have a good education at school, and the results will be satisfactory everywhere in Senegal. The parents also must keep their daughters in school.