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The Race

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The Race

Gueoul race winners

Gueoul race winners

Amanda McCracken

Gueoul race winners

Amanda McCracken

Amanda McCracken

Gueoul race winners

Ndeye Fatou Diaw, Coumba Diagne, Diodio Diop, and Nogaye Diop

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At the start, they installed the tents. After the chairs, the installation of the music and guests took place.

There was also security, the karate demonstration, and many participants.

For the speeches, there were four people: Marietou, Badara, Diodio and Khadim. They talked about the race and its importance.

They said they would like that this race to continue in the following years, and they thanked the participants and the organizers. They also said that “it is very good for health.”

For the participants, the race began at the starting line at 9’clock. The race started from the foyer des jeunes (youth center) and ended at the same place.

The first man was Issa Sylla. He is 25 years old, and he does training for the STAPS fitness club at nearby University Gaston-Berger. He was here for the competition, and he said that “the competition is very good for the health.”

Issa wins

Nogaye Diop
Issa Sylla wins

Aida Fall is a 19 years old woman. She was the first finisher among the women. She was here for the race and found that the organization is very nice because it brings security.

Gueoul race winner interview

Amanda McCracken
Aida Fall post-race interview

The children played two games. The boys had hula hoop race, where they ran as fast as possible to be the first. The girls play the “egg balancing race,” where they walked as fast as possible while balancing an egg on a spoon. And the children also did the karate demonstration.

In the end, there were many prizes for the first until the eighth. The prizes there were shoes, milk and money. The organizers gave them those prizes to cheer them.

Finally, we were very happy to participate in this race. We heard the cries, we saw many persons, and we took pictures.

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Ndeye Fatou Diaw, Writer

My name is Ndeye Fatou Diaw. I am 18 years old. I live in Gueoul in the district Dediagne. I am a student in Gueoul High School.  I am a student in the...

Coumba Diagne, Writer

My name is Coumba Diagne. I am eighteen years old. I live in Gueoul.  I’m a student in Gueoul Grammar School. I am in lower sixth form. I have one sister...

Diodio Diop, Writer

My name is Diodio Diop. I am 22 years old. I live in Gueoul district Guouy Gall. I live with my mother. I have one brother. I am a university student....

Nogaye Diop, Writer

My name is Nogaye Diop. I am 18 years old and I live in Gueoul with my parents. I am a student of the Gueoul Grammar School. I like writing and learning....

Amanda McCracken, Adviser

Amanda McCracken is a teacher at Gueoul News. She is a journalist from Boulder, Colorado in the U.S.A. Amanda loves to run on mountain trails.


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The Race