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The feast of Tabaski commemorates the strength of Abraham’s faith to his God, symbolized by the episode where he agrees to sacrifice, on the orders of God, his son Ismael. After his acceptance of the divine order, God sends the archangel Gabriel who, at the last moment, substitutes for the child a sheep that will serve as a sacrificial offering. It’s a day that is special for Muslims because it is an occasion to show their conviction to God.

At the approach of the feast, the men take care of looking for a sheep for the family, and the women go to the market to look for fabrics and all that accompanies the holiday meal.

A local sheep

Soda Lo
A local sheep

One the day of Tabaski, the men are dressed in handsome clothes to pray. On their way back from the mosque, they go from house to house asking forgiveness from their neighbors. After returning to his house, each man kills the sheep, and the women take care of the cooking. At 14 o’clock, the meal is served.

After the meal, children go house to house for asking for ndeweunal (gifts) and taking pictures.