Current state of cyber criminality

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Nowadays cyber criminality consists of a big problem all around the world. That phenomenon has become so ubiquitous that Senegal is not an exception. Now adults, youngsters even the children are hooked on their smartphone, which in reality is eating the world.


Cyber activities and crime among students

I this daily life everywhere in Senegal particularly in Guéoul one-third of the young generation consider the internet as food, shelter and water. They cannot live without their mobile devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

As a result, the life of digital users is exposed to a serious menace coming from these particular criminals.


Cyber criminality on economy

There is no doubt that is whoever there is commerce; there is also the risk of cybercrime. Whether a financial institution an Internet storefront that does business with online shoppers and now even hospitals with the system, cybercrime has no boundaries (limits).

Now as a journalist, I interviewed Mr Seck Dieng, a teacher of Geography who has done researches in cyber criminality.

He said, “Cyber criminality has become a big issue and cybercriminals are very strong, technologist because they use some strategies by passing passwords and Trojan horse which, for instance is conceived to record everything you type and send it directly to the cybercriminals.”

As solutions he suggests that all users should keep their programs up to date and be very selective and careful with their followers

To sum up cyber criminality is a big issue, which is preventing the world.