Interview with the President

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Today I’m going to meat his exellence Mr Macky sall President of the Republic of Senegal  for that he answers my quetions on the elections, her ambitions and the future of Senegal.

_ Journalist: Do you think the people accept that you reigned once again in this palace?

_The President: Of course I think it. Because all the promises that i made them were kept. Even if I hadn’t all do at least the half and the essentials have been realized. And if the senegalese’s people vote for me to have a second term, they won’t regret it. Not only I will continue the works but also I will do my best for that  the population can be in the good conditions and all their needs will satisfy.

_ journalist: But all the teachers, the doctors and the youth of this county are against you. Do you believe that they will let you to have a second  term?

_ The President: May be that for the teachers and the doctors were on strike and it was because of the accords that I was sighed with them and that i didn’t save them. But we agree in some points , for the rest if they do all so that I reigned once again in this palace. I will do all the promise that I done them.