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The impotance of education



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We live in a society where  nobody can live without education. It is very important because the world  is changing. But nowadys many people think that education is just a spare time for the young people and they do not know  that we can not get a good job without having a good education due to poverty. For example someone  who lives in a poor familly and  can not satisfy their needs such as: school fees, medical care etc. You can see that he is obliged to leave school .It is one of the reasons. we can also  add  the lack of goals because dreams without goals are just dreams. Someone can  go to school everyday whithout having  nothing to prove about what he learnt and he ultemately fuel disapointmen. So having dreams and goals in  life cope  with yearly goals, monthly goals ,daily goal. We should try to give ourself goals everyday. Having goals and understaning that  achieving them  we must apply discipline and consciousness, we have to work on  it. Working really hard is what successful people do. Education is the  most important thing in life.

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The impotance of education