Interview of teacher about english4

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1.what is English?

English is a germanic  indo-europeen language native to England that derives its language roots from nor thern Europe.

2.what is the important of English?

English is very because it is the most used language in the world.English is one of the most used language in the world of work. It is a commercial language the most used in the business world.

3.why do many students have difficult of English?

many students have difficulties about  English for many reasons:

-First: a strong attachement to local languages and the french language.

-Second: students are afraid of making mistakes.

-The time of English is insuffiscient compared to french .

-French has always been considered in passing it as a universal language.

-To put a language one must speak it and the students have the complexe to speak English between them

To master the language you have to do a daily practice at  school, at homein,the street…In your high  school there is surely an English Club.You have to be an active member.

what do you speak it’s easy?

Yes,it’s very easy. ”who wants can”.Learn lessons and do researches on the  internet.

You just need to try!