Rural Exodus

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In senegal,many young people live in  misery because of underdeveloppement .Many of them practice the rural exodus to live in a good condition .This situation becomes more and more frequent in our country known as senegal .The youth leave their own locality giving up their culture and their families to find a new way of living .This phenomena is caused by many problems. Among them we have poverty ,that is reason why many young people leave their village to the city to find a good job .We can add the  problem due to lack of job .For example in senegal it is not easy to get a good job when you finish your  educations at school .this consequence is sometimes  so village man goes to the city ,he thinks that life can change that,s why many of them will have a bad frequentation that pushes them to do many temptations like violence ,juvenil delenquency.the solution that we can be given is very simple .If the gouvernment helps people to build some campanies and entreprenariat developpement ship like some basics proffessions and agriculture.In this situation the level of work and the well known should be boosted to help the youth