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My school’s name is Gueoul High School it was built in 2011. It is located in the east of the City hall, in the south of Gueoul.  My School has been  created by the mayor whose  is Khalifa Dia. In my school we have a bookcase, the teacher’s room, the  headmaster’s room,there are also two grounds .

I’m going to have an interview with a teacher

Me: Good morning sir my name is Ndeye Fatou .I’m a student in the school but  I’m also a journalist in Gueoul news.I would like to ask  some questions about  the  school.Can I start my questions.

Mr Thiaw: “So, my name is Mr Thiaw I am a teacher in this school for my third year .Of course you can,I’m very happy to answer to your questions.what is your first”.

ME: My First question is how  do you found the school ?

Mr Thiaw: I find the place wonderful. I have found very good and dynamic teachers with whom I get nice relation ship.

Me: In the school,do you have problems with the students ?

Mr Thiaw: Not generally if there is a problem we discuss it with the administration and if it’s serious there will be the intervention of the disciplinary board.

Me: Do you need material at school ?

Mr Thiaw: Yes we do need material to teach but sometimes we have problems to do our listening classes. that’s why we would be glad  if ever we could have a laboratory of language.

Me: What is your relation ship with the other colleagues.

Mr Thiaw: My colleagues are realy friends I exchange a lot with them and they contribute to the well being of the students and teachers more precisely the new comers.

Me: I’m very happy to you and I say  thank you for answering all of my questions.

Mr Thiaw: It’s all of my pleasure.See you next time.

Me: Thanks.